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Mr. Kumar, Medicolegal Advisor

Timely, professional reports for solicitors and NHS institutions

Mr. Kumar, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon 

Mr. Kumar accepts instructions from both claimant and defendant solicitors

High quality, unbiased reports 

Quick turnaround as per agreement

Charges available on enquiry

Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence, and Care Reviews
Upper Limb Medicolegal Advice

Solicitors can confidently instruct us to produce a range of medico-legal reports, covering Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and Care Reviews. 

Once instructed, we attend to your case quickly. For personal injury reports, your consultant will carry out any necessary professional examination in order to deliver deliver a credible specialist opinion. 

We aim to have all reports completed within agreed time frames, provided medical records are made available in good time. All reports comply with current legislation and are clearly written with the requisite attention to detail.

Our Services

All medico-legal opinion is given independently, professionally and confidentially to the instructing party

Personal Injury Medicolegal Advice

Personal Injury

If the case requires, your consultant will complete a thorough examination of the claimant and assess all relevant medical records. In addition, they may conduct further tests to ensure accuracy for both defendant and claimant solicitors.  

Our consultant specialise in orthopaedic cases, so can provide medico-legal opinion on anything from whiplash to broken bones and other injuries. 

Clinical Negligence Medicolegal Advice

Clinical Negligence

In cases where there has been an alleged breach of clinical duty, we offer expert opinion to produce 'Breach of Duty And Causation' reports, as well as 'Condition And Prognosis' reports. Mr Kumar accepts instructions from both claimant and defendant solicitors.

This involves extensive examination of medical records. Clinical examination is required for the production of 'Condition And Prognosis' reports.

Hospital Care Reviews Medicolegal Advice

Care Review

With our experience in the hospital arena, we provide expert opinion on quality of care and any alleged breach of duty on medical premises. This includes reporting on issues such as orthopaedic injuries, as well as home and prison visits.

In our report, we ascertain if standards of care have been compromised, and consider if any long-term medical problems are likely to occur as a result of mistreatment.


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